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Department ranks
MultiPASS 800 (2)MultiPASS 1000 (2)MultiPASS C530 (5)MultiPASS C545 (1)
MultiPASS C555 (8)MultiPASS C560 (4)MultiPASS C635 (3)MultiPASS C755 (5)
MultiPASS C2500 (3)MultiPASS C3000 (2)MultiPASS C3500 (5)MultiPASS C5000 (1)
MultiPASS C5500 (5)MultiPASS F20 (4)MultiPASS F30 (6)MultiPASS F50 (6)
MultiPASS F60 (4)MultiPASS F80 (5)MultiPASS MP360 (16)MultiPASS MP370 (15)
MultiPASS MP390 (17)MultiPASS MP700 (15)MultiPASS MP730 (17)PIXMA MP130 (26)
PIXMA MP140 (27)PIXMA MP150 (25)PIXMA MP160 (29)PIXMA MP170 (26)
PIXMA MP180 (29)PIXMA MP210 (22)PIXMA MP450 (25)PIXMA MP460 (29)
PIXMA MP470 (22)PIXMA MP500 (25)PIXMA MP510 (29)PIXMA MP520 (0)
PIXMA MP530 (25)PIXMA MP600 (29)PIXMA MP610 (0)PIXMA MP750 (25)
PIXMA MP760 (26)PIXMA MP780 (27)PIXMA MP800 (25)PIXMA MP800R (30)
PIXMA MP810 (30)PIXMA MP830 (25)PIXMA MP950 (25)PIXMA MP960 (30)
PIXMA MP970 (0)PIXMA MX310 (0)PIXMA MX700 (0)imageCLASS® 2300 (0)
imageCLASS® 2300N (6)imageCLASS® D320 (3)imageCLASS™ D340 (3)imageCLASS™ D660 (4)
imageCLASS™ D661 (4)imageCLASS™ D680 (7)imageCLASS™ D760 (7)imageCLASS™ D761 (7)
imageCLASS™ D780 (7)imageCLASS® D860 (7)imageCLASS® D861 (7)imageCLASS® D880 (7)
imageCLASS® MF3110 (8)imageCLASS® MF3240 (4)imageCLASS® MF4150 (6)imageCLASS MF4690 (5)
imageCLASS™ MF5530 (1)imageCLASS™ MF5550 (1)imageCLASS® MF5730 (9)imageCLASS® MF5750 (9)
imageCLASS® MF5770 (9)imageCLASS® MF6530 (9)imageCLASS® MF6550 (9)imageCLASS® MF6560 (0)
imageCLASS® MF6580 (0)imageCLASS® MF7280 (10)Color imageCLASS® MF8170c (9)Color imageCLASS® 8180c (7)
PC1060 (0)PC1061 (0)PC1080F (0)imageCLASS MF3111 (8)
MultiPASS L6000 (5)imagePRESS C1 (7)imagePRESS C1+ (6)imagePRESS C1+II (0)
imagePRESS C6000 (6)imagePRESS C6000VP (6)imagePRESS C7010VP (9)imagePRESS C7010VPS/C6010VPS/C6010S (0)
imagePRESS C7010VPS/C6010VPS/C6010S Series (2)imagePRESS Server A1100 (8)imagePASS-A2 (5)imagePASS-A1 (4)
imagePASS-B1 (8)imagePASS-B2 (3)imagePASS-C1 (2)imagePASS-C2 (2)
imagePASS-D1 (2)imagePASS-G1 (2)imagePASS-H1 (2)imagePASS-J1 (3)
imagePASS-M3 (2)imagePASS-S1 (2)PIXMA MP495 (2)PIXMA MP280 (2)
PIXMA MX870 (1)PIXMA MP250 (1)PIXMA MP495 (0)PIXMA MP280 (0)
PIXMA MX922 (1)PIXMA MG2120 (1)PIXMA MX410 (1)PIXMA MX340 (1)
PIXMA MG5220 (1)PIXMA MP620 (2)PIXMA MP560 (1)PIXMA MX860 (2)
PIXMA MG3220 (2)PIXMA MP230 (1)PIXMA MX892 (2) 
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